Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements of renting a car?

Driver must produce a valid Malaysian Class 3 driver’s license and identity card (locals), or international driver’s license translated in English with passport (foreigners). Minimum age is a 23, and maximum is 60 years old. A minimum of 2-years qualified driving experience is required.

What does the car rental rate include?

Rates include insurance, maintenance and unlimited mileage. Minimum charge is one-day rental. Excess hours are charged at one fifth of the daily rates. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. All rates are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia and inclusive of GST (Government Service Tax).

What does your car rental insurance cover?

Vehicle is insured to cover unlimited third-party liability and property damage up to RM2000 (Excess Liability).

What is CDW?

CDW is COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER. Vehicle is covered under comprehensive insurance. However, the hirer is liable for the excess liability, which may be reduced to non-waiverable excess upon payment of the CDW.

CDW does not cover missing items, accessories, windscreen, sand blasting, paintwork, undercarriage, vandalism, riots,  or damages not caused as a result of collision. Excess liability is applicable to each and every accident or damage.

What happens if my vehicle is involved in an accident?

The hirer must report all accidents to the Xplore Drive Car Rental office immediately. Hirer shall not admit liability. Should there be bodily injuries, the hirer must report to the Royal Malaysia Traffic Police within 24 hours. The original copy of the accident report must be forwarded to our office as soon as possible. For non-injury accident cases, the hirer is required to fill in a non-injury motor accident report form, which can be obtained from the Xplore Drive Car Rental office.

Can I arrange for additional Personal Accident Insurance Coverage?

This additional cover may be arranged at the request of the hirer, and provides coverage of up to RM20,000 for the driver and RM10,000 collectively for the passengers (up to a maximum of four (04) passengers).

Will there be any charge if I want the vehicle to be delivered to me?

A service fee of RM84.00 is chargeable for either delivery or collection of a car during office hours (0900-1800 hrs, Mon-Fri & 0900-1600 hrs, Sat), and RM100.00 after office hours.

Must I refill the petrol tank?

Hirer should refill the petrol to the same level as rented out from Xplore Drive Car Rental. If the tank is not refuelled, service charge and the cost of petrol will be levied.

What if I receive a parking ticket?

Hirer is reposible for all parking and traffic violations.

Can the rental vehicle be driven to Singapore?

Vehicles are strictly for Malaysia use only. If the hired vehicle is driven into Singapore, the hirer shall be responsible for the full cost of Recovery / Towing charges back to Malaysia in the event of a breakdown, plus unlimited liability should an accident occur. However, hirer may elect for the option to use the hired vehicle in Singapore by informing Xplore Drive Car Rental in advance.

What if the rental vehicle breaks down?

24-Hour Breakdown Service is available in mainland Malaysia only.

The hirer agrees that punctured tyres, empty petrol tank, loss of car key, or key locked inside the vehicle, does not constitute a breakdown. In the event that the 24-Hour Emergency Service is called upon to respond to such occurrences, the hirer shall bear the cost of RM50.00 service charge per trip and other costs as follows:
Replacement of car key – Chargeable
Replacement of tyres – Chargeable

How can I extend the rental period?

Should the hirer wish to extend the rental period, it is important that Xplore Drive Car Rental is informed immediately. An advance payment is required to extend the rental period, failing which the hirer will be driving without insurance.

How should I pay for the rental?

The estimated rental charge for the period plus a refundable security deposit is payable upon taking delivery of the vehicle. Final adjustments will be made upon return of the vehicle and completion of the rental. Please note that there will be no refund in the event that the hired vehicle is returned earlier, before the expiry date. Xplore Drive Car Rental recognises and accepts all major credits cards.

What if there is an additional driver?

Additional drivers are required to register with Xplore Drive Car Rental before he/she is allowed to drive the hired vehicle. Otherwise, he/she will not be covered by the insurance or CDW.

A maximum of one authorised driver and one additional driver is allowed for retail rental, while two additional drivers are allowed for long term rental.

For retail rental, there will be a surcharge of RM10.00 per additional driver per rental, and RM50.00 per month for corporate rental.